Business Solution

Are you thinking of starting a business or submitting for a tender. Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea? If the answer is yes you need to put your company profile into paper. With the fast moving business market it is paramount to plan ahead and gear all the critical wheels of your Idea or business venture to ensure success.

We draft professional business profiles which are used as a marketing tool to catch the attention of potential purchasers and inform them about your goods and services. Our business profiles provide a convincing argument to potential clients as to the reasons why they should be dealing with you or purchase from you.

• What your business is all about
• What services or goods do you provide
• The organizational and financial structure of your business
• Your principle policies and procedures
• Your facility
• Your Experience
• Some of your client / customers
• Your mission and vision
• Trading history and the viability of your finances

The aim of our business profile design is to influence your purchaser’s decision by demonstrating to them your credibility and that you can offer:
• Certainty of supplies
• Quality
• Value for money
• Minimal risk

We will draft a professional business profile that will address all the above mentioned factors in one document for a price of R1,250.00

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