About Us - Meet the team behind G2G

G2G I.T & Graphics is an I.T consultancy, web hosting, branding, marketing and graphic designing company based in South Africa, Johannesburg. The company saw the need to balance the competition equation amongst already established companies and newly created companies. The philosophy behind this drive being that, Companies do not advertise because they are big BUT they are big because they advertise. Thus, by awakening to the realization that for any type of organization to prosper it has to pay specific attention to its marketing budget, in particular the advertising budget and I.T infrastructure. Hence, G2G I.T & Graphics, as a player in the I.T, web hosting, branding and advertising fraternity offers lucrative advertising packages tailor made for any of these companies to help them as a promotional vehicle in attaining their organizational goals in the most proficient way.

It has always been a myth as to how some organizations tends to thrive more in an environment that has seen more companies collapse. Resources are allocated specifically all in the hope to attain higher productivity levels but alas! Still they fall even harder. Well, demystifying the mystery; in as much you might know what to produce, how to produce it, when to produce it, who to produce it for But without knowing how best to get what you have produced to the one you have produced it for, you haven’t done anything yet. The market place has however been revolutionized to an extent that the ones who know the best ways of getting their produce to the market gets the lions’ share. It has even got worse to the stage that at times you do not need to meet the client for you to sell, but how you brand your product/service and how much publicity is your company getting could land you sales of your life time.

Our dedicated reliable servers enable our clients to establish a successful presence on the internet, for a first class web experience to their clients as well. We provide our clients with value-adding solutions to their business and giving them a competitive edge by means of an attractive range of web based hosting services, internet advertising as well as publishing and marketing options, all aimed at establishing their presence on the web.

Our key strength has fallen on the above mentioned services. Our turnaround time for these is under 5 days at worst. Even with present predicament around the recession that has span and touched the core of South Africa, we have still stood resiliently. Where we know that the business will take and bring out the best of other companies or entities from G2G I.T & Graphics.

The main ideals drawn from G2G I.T & Graphics are to bring out the maximum value in reaching companies optimum potential. Our initial business growth plan in the short to medium term is to reach out across South Africa in which we have quite an audience which we feel has not been touched or explored enough in the IT Sector mainly small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). With our printing division we have targeted and orchestrated an elaborate team to market the services in Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Namibia and Zambia and other countries.

G2G I.T & Graphics provides web hosting to clients worldwide, and we have a responsibility to protect each client and to provide the best services available.

G2G I.T & Graphics was established with the aim of providing quality IT services to the IT market. We always strive to adhere to the highest industry standards in terms of infrastructure, design, planning, implementation, products and after sales service.

G2G I.T & Graphics offers fast and efficient service that adds to the overall experience of using IT on a day-to-day basis. In order to perform this task effectively, we realize that we have to be as unobtrusive as possible and yet, be available when required.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key values of our business. G2G I.T & Graphics management principles are based on ethical business practices and standards. Our longstanding relationships with the majority of our clients bear testimony to this. The quality of our service is reflected in our proven track record.

Being a people focused organization, people remain our greatest asset. We endeavor to create a stimulating, but simple work environment for our people that are a living testimony of the heart of the company with tangible values such as: Integrity, Humility, Stability, Adaptability and Reliability

Our team is skilled at:


cPanel control panel

Our web servers are all connected to these 100 Mbps ports, which is then connected to the data center backbone, capable of up to the cool 90 Gb per second bandwidth!


High security and performance

In addition to high physical security, all servers are protected with UPS and backup generators, you just can’t beat this affordable peace of mind!


Protected with UPS & generators

In addition to high physical security, all servers are protected with UPS and backup generators, you just can’t beat this affordable peace of mind!


No question is too stupid

All our accounts come with Softaculous Premium allowing you to install popular software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joolma, Magento and many more in one easy step.